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Device Status Management and Tracking specification

  • For maximum benefit of a full array of Anitra functionality (data filtering, mortality warnings, advanced sharing, etc.) we highly recommend to maintain "Device Statuses" for your devices and Tracked Objects for your study animals up to date.
  • Available basic "Device Statuses":
    • Backup / Pool:
      • To be used for spare/pool devices which are not currently in the field and are planned to be (re)used in the future.
      • New devices which appear in the system are labeled "Backup" status automatically
    • Deployed:
      • To be used for devices that are currently deployed "in the field" and potentially sending data
      • There are 4 sub-statuses available that allow the user to configure Anitra behavior further
1. Deployed Active:
  • Known to be currently delivering data reliably and new data expected to be updated on a regular basis
  • Mortality notification should work reliably
2. Deployed Down:
  • Known to be still delivering data (at least for some time), but based on data received the device very likely not already attached to the target animal (shed/down logger, the killed animal)
  • Hardware to be either recollected or written-off
  • "New data" notifications could help investigate the case until the logger transmits data
  • After collecting all possible information and closing the case the device should be turned to "Archive" status
3. Deployed Missing:
  • Data delivery suddenly interrupted, last positions do not show animal/logger issue
  • "New data" notifications possibly used to notify on the restoration of data transfer
4. Deployed Problem:
  • Depending on the issue type the data delivery fails or some sensor data might be unreliable
  • Allows suppressing mortality notification as false or confusing warnings may be raised
  • Archive / Discarded:
  • meant for "out of use" devices (inactivated, suspended, finished) not expected to deliver any new data
  • Turning device into this state allows suppressing warning scheme
  • Allows to store and filter out archive data
  • Note that devices created through import functionality are by default switched to this state

Tracking EndDate

  • Device Statuses are meant to help to control active Loggers >> Tracked Objects (Trackings). In order to receive a meaningful warning, it is highly recommended not only to turn inactive devices to Archive but also to end related active Tracked Objects (Trackings) whenever the tracking in the field is over (i.e. you do not expect to receive any new data).
    • Ending Tracked Object / Tracking is done by filling in date into field "End of tracking" in the Tracking profile
    • "End Of Tracking" field leaves space for individual interpretation. For instance in case of mortality you can include the period when the tracked individual was alive only or you might as well close the tracking date later when the device was physically found and removed.
    • Note that you can additionally enter more detail related to mortality event ("Estimated date of death", "Mortality Reason", "Mortality Note", "Mortality Photos/Documents/Reports")

Mortality warnings

  • Notifies on possible mortality in the last position of finished (archive) trackings
  • You can set the end date of tracking so that the mortality sign is displayed in your archive data (see the end date for the first two tracked objects in example no 1)


  • Warns on possible mortality detected in the last position of active trackings
  • In order to have relevant red warnings shown correct device/TO configuration needs to be kept by project admin
Note. the detection of mortality is currently based on
  • Anitra: dedicated sensor/accelerometer mortality detection logic
  • Ornitela: identical body position between subsequent measurements
  • Ecotone Activity column with a simple rule (Activity < 10) triggering the alert. More complex logic is being developed for Anitra native devices
  • You can find these last data mortality warnings on various screens of the Anitra platform:
    • Device list (only Red warning for Active trackings)
  • Device Profile
  • Tracking List (both Red warnings for Active trackings and Black Info for Archive trackings)
  • Tracking profile
  • Map (both Red warnings for Active trackings and Black Info for Archive trackings)


  • Device Owner/Admins can freely switch devices from one state to another and modify Tracking end dates in order to achieve desired Anitra behavior