Anitra LONET

Custom IoT network for intensive data collection

  • designed for complex studies
  • a flexible configuration of various types of sensors
  • synchronous data collection
  • ON/OFF line data transfer

Universal wireless sensor modules for intensive data collection developed for research and protection of sedentary species.

Allows for very complex studies with a wide range of sensors/devices implemented in parallel.

The IoT technology-based system offers flexible options to adjust solutions according to customer particular requirements.

In the default setup, the data from a range of low-power long-life miniature modules are transmitted in predefined schedules towards local gateway (GW) and further on (if desired and possible):

  • directly to GSM (2G/3G/LTE) network and subsequently to Anitra servers (data stored and available in ANITRA web platform)
  • centralized (from multiple local Gateways) to “base” station which either transfers the data long distance to the Internet or stores it for local download
  • mirrored realtime via BT to user mobile device (configuration and operation check of the system)
  • stored on SD card of each GW (chronologically, labeled with GPS time)

Sample aplications

Dedicated applications developed for nidobiology research.
Synchronous data collection from multiple spatially installed temperature and other sensors:

  • implanted in dummy eggs (up to 16 temperature sensors, accelerometer, magnetometer, humidity sensor, prescheduled sampling from 10 to 60 seconds)
  • collection of meteorological data as a support background / environmental measures
  • generation of 3D temperature (and humidity) maps of nests (or nest holes) – various distances and soil depths sampled
  • RFID detection – confirmation and identification of RFID marked individuals
  • more (different) sensors possibly deployed based on particular project requirements

Applications developed for a monitoring of small birds and mammals with miniature long-range transmitters (variant with GPS module available)

  • Anitra LowNet solar tags 5g (GPS, low data sampling frequency e.g. 3 positions/day)
  • Anitra LowNet battery tags 10g (w/o GPS, offers the option of position approximation in GW network; suited for night (dense undergrowth) species

Applications tailored for nest or locality protection

  • Indirect activity check by nest basin temperature measurement
  • Security sensors of various types detecting intrusion into nest site safety perimeter