Services and Prices

valid for 2020

ANITRA products and services

we develop and offer the following products and services under ANITRA brand:

  • Telemetry hardware
  • ready-to-use devices… check out product presentation and pricing of our solar-powered GPS-GSM transmitters
  • other telemetry hardware and adjusted models (e.g. GPS-GSM loggers combined with VHF) … ask about options available
  • complex customized Anitra LoNet system … please submit a draft of your project idea so that we can propose a matching solution
  • Anitra Platform
  • the general functionality available free of charge to anyone
  • some of the most advanced features only available as a benefit to paying customers using Anitra loggers
  • if you miss some functionality possibly very useful to others do not hesitate to contact us (either it is on our TODO list already or we will add it 🙂 )
  • we are also open to the particular customization requests related to your projects .. you can request the individual quote for implementation
  • Anitra Integration Feeds - data integration from external sources
  • manual integration using Anitra import functionality … free of charge
  • automated data integration from external sources … service maintenance fee charged (or granted as Anitra donation) *)
  • Expert support in project planning, data processing, field expertise and practical skills (trapping, transmitter attachment, animal behavior, etc.)
  • we will gladly share our experience and knowledge in order to help you design the best project possible with our hardware (free of charge)
  • you can also hire additional expert or project management manhours from us (individual quotation)

*) As we have strong wildlife conservation background we are genuinly seeking opportunities to support projects or organizations active and efficient in this domain. We do this mainly by providing significant discounts on our transmitters (on top of the regular discount scheme) and by providing (otherwise paid) services free of charge as our donation.

PRICES (valid for 2020)

Please note the prices below do not include EU Value Added Tax (VAT)) nor any other taxes, duty and import charges applicable.
We reserve the right to change our product price list at any time without further notice.
Shipping cost is not included.

  • GPS-GSM transmitter prices:
Backpack M 750 €
Backpack M-8s
(extended & elevated solar panel)
770 €
Backpack L 770 €
Backpack XL 770 €
Backpack S 890 €
Ring V17 770 €
Ring O26 770 €
Ring U21 770 €
Colars 900-1500 €
  • Other material prices

material for bird ring attachment

 0€ (included in the price of the transmitter)

harness material for bird backpacks **)

from 15 €

**) tubular Teflon tape + soft pad (to be used under the transmitters)

  • Anitra LoNet solution

Individual pricing for the whole solution based on your project outline provided (consists of hardware, configuration, and support costs)

Indicative prices for some LoNet hardware components:

LoNet “Egg”


LoNet gateway


  • Discounts and Guarantee

In order to promote our devices in 2020, we offer very significant discounts applied on top of our already very reasonable basic prices

  • quantity discounts for orders from 5+ devices
  • bulk discounts for larger-scale deployment (20+ devices)
  • for projects related to globally critically endangered species
  • for projects actively and efficiently promoting ANITRA brand

Discounts apply on the prices excluding prepaid data fee limit

We guarantee replacement of any device with obvious hardware failure within the first 6 months of ownership by a new device of the same model. In case of hardware replacement, the remaining prepaid data fee limit is transferred to the new device.

  • Communication Fees

The monthly cost consists of fixed amount of 1€ and costs for particular data sessions and SMS sent/received.

Price of the GPS-GSM transmitter includes prepaid limit of 4€/month for initial 6 months. During this period all the costs exceeding 4€ threshold will be pushed forward with month-end. At the end of the 6 month period, we will charge the outstanding account balance always after the month is closed.

Note that the actual communication costs can vary significantly depending on the current location of the logger on the globe (e.g. EU vs. other countries) and also due to the transmitter setting (data collection intensity i.e. data volume transferred, SMS usage, etc). However while operating the logger at reasonable data collection rates (e.g. 50x/day) and GSM session frequencies (eg. 3x/day), the total costs are not likely to exceed single units of EUR/month.

The costs can possibly climb up in areas with no GPRS data coverage while using the SMS channel for delivering fresh data or when using some of the data-intensive modes such as data bursting, continuous modes, etc. Please note that Anitra configuration interface offers various ways to maintain the costs under tight control. Between other, you can set a maximum limit on 24 hours or calendar month spending. Breaching either of the two limits suspends the communication temporarily. Using these limits also eliminates the risk of abuse of the device SIM card if stolen.

***) In case you need to collect and transfer larger amounts of data (data bursts, continuous GPS sampling etc.) we advise you to contact us beforehand so that we optimize the tariff used for your devices.

  • Automated integration fee on external data feed service

The service allows automation of data transfers from external data sources into Anitra (e.g. from Ornitela or Ecotone servers).

We either provide it

1) paid service with SLA (Service Level Agreement) defined

  • service maintenance fee of 1€ charged for each device (having new data in the past month)
  • the paid service can be ordered by customer by confirming SLA (Service Level Agreement) in the Integration section of Customer profile.
  • continuous surveillance of the functionality performed by Anitra team, any submitted issue tackled within 24 hours.
  • unlimited Anitra functionality for integrated data

2) free of charge (no service level guaranteed, some Anitra functionality limited)

  • as a benefit for new customers - to integrate data of previously purchased devices
  • as Anitra donation to organizations and projects in wildlife conservation domain *)