Kroužkovací stanice Národního Muzea

We work in very close cooperation with Czech ringing station (Kroužkovací stanice NM / Společnost spolupracovníků Kroužkovací stanice). In order to develop our products and services we deploy some of our loggers in partnership with KSNM. We appreciate very much proffesional support and advice provided to us. The telemetry data collected by animals tracked temporrarily or permanently within any of our company research and development projects contribute to databases of Czech ringing station in return. Some of the public outputs of our cooperation available here :

TB Raab

In 2018 Anitra started a common telemetry project on Red kites Milvus milvus with TB Raab (Technisches Büro für Biologie Mag. Dr. Rainer Raab) in the western part of the Czech Republic. A total of 13 Red Kite chicks were equipped by Anitra GPS-GSM backpacks in 2018 and even more in 2019. Our work is contribution to a much broader European conservation initiative aimed at tackling illegal activities against raptor species. The effort on the European level is coordinated by Mag. Dr. Rainer Raab.

The tracked animals are continuously monitored and any data possibly indicating mortality are evaluated and physically checked in the field if possible. Anitra Platform offers elaborated mechanisms that analyze the incoming telemetry data and trigger warning notifications in case of detected mortality. Additionally, powerful project management and data visualization tools allow sharing the data across the distributed team of collaborators and project partners. Anitra integration mechanisms also offer options of hosting data generated by transmitters of different brands This enables a complete overview.

Simplified tracks of the 13 birds from 2018 can be seen in the following map:

Huslík – Animal Rescue Station

Huslík animal rescue station has been our traditional partner in various wildlife conservation efforts for many years. After we have launched Anitra brand we extended our cooperation even more. They help us in development and verification of our new products by kindly allowing us to try it out on animals of various species. As a reward, we provide our transmitters to track some of the rehabilitated animals.

Map of the movement of the released animals were made available to public through iframe mapping functionality of Anitra platform:

Some of the animals tracked by Anitra loggers: